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压榨 yāzhà to press; to squeeze; to extract juice, oil etc by squeezing
逆来顺受 nìláishùnshòu to resign oneself to adversity (idiom); to grin and bear it; to submit meekly to insults, maltreatment, humiliation etc
打抱不平 dǎbàobùpíng to come to the aid of sb suffering an injustice; to fight for justice
罪大恶极 zuìdàèjí guilty of terrible crimes (idiom)
jiābān jiā dào tóuyūnyǎnhuā ,wǒmen gōngsī búshi ,yě kuài biànchéng le 。
Our company isn’t a BAT yet we’re working overtime to the point of lightheadedness and dizziness almost becoming a 996.
tài fēngkuáng le ,nǐmen gōngsī bù yīnggāi zhème yāzhà yuángōng ya 。
It’s crazy, your company shouldn’t exploit employees this way.
shì xīnkǔ le yìdiǎn ,kěshì wǒ juéde wǒmen gōngzuò fēnwéi hěn hǎo ya ,gànjìn shízú 。
It’s a bit tough, but I think we have a good working atmosphere and we’re are very motivated.
qǐzhǐ shì xīnkǔ yìdiǎn ,zhèyàng lián shǔyú zìjǐ de shíjiān dōu méiyǒu le 。
It’s not only tough, you barely have time for yourself.
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