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80后: Born in the 80's

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ID: 2905 Advanced
在一胎政策年代长大的中国孩子,从小得到家中所有的资源,看似占尽了便宜,但步入社会以后,面对与过去完全不同的竞争坏境,他们又有什么不为人知的心声呢?Listen as two friends discuss the consequences of growing up under the one-child policy and how it affected people once they finally entered society. Photo by Dan Moyle
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pīn to go for (something)
伺候 cìhòu to wait upon
恶魔 èmó demon; devil
深沉 shēnchén deep; profound
hēi ,gēmenr ,dǎsuàn hé xífùr pīn èrtāi ma ?
Hey, buddy, are you going to try for a second child with your wife?
hái zhēn méi zhè dǎsuàn 。cìhòu yī gè xiǎo èmó jiù gòu le 。
We really haven't planned to yet. Running around after one little devil is enough.
zuìjìn ba ,wǒ chángcháng zài xiǎng ,zánmen bālíng hòu ,zhēn tǐng bù róngyì de 。
Recently I've been thinking that it's really not easy for those, like us, who were born from the 1980s on.
zěnme zhème shēnchén ,nǐ dōu xiǎngdào le xiē shénme 。
Why so profound all of a sudden, what kind of things are you thinking of?
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