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同龄人 tónglíngrén contemporaries
韩寒 Hán Hán Han Han (name)
郭敬明 Guō Jìngmíng Guo Jingming (name)
张悦然 Zhāng Yuèrán Zhang Yueran (name)
zhè liǎng ge yuè “qīngchūn wénxué ”xìliè xiāoliàng hěn hǎo 。
These last few months the, “Youth Literature” series has been selling really well.
fàng shǔjià ma ,zhōngxuéshēng dōu mǎi lái kàn 。
It's summer vacation. All the middle school students are buying them and checking them out.
shì a 。nǐmen liǎ yě shì bālíng hòu ,xǐhuan tónglíngrén xiě de dōngxi ma ?
That's right. You two were born in the 80's – do you like what your contemporaries are writing?
háixíng ba !Hán Hán 、Guō Jìngmíng 、Zhāng Yuèrán de zuòpǐn wǒ dōu kàn guo 。dōu shì shàng zhōngxué de shíhou kàn de 。wǒ yǒu yīzhènzi hái tèbié xiǎng chuòxué chuàngzuò xiǎoshuō ne !
It's all right. I've read Han Han, Guo Jingming, and Zhang Yueran's works. I read them all when I was in middle school. There was a period of time during which I really wanted to drop out of school and write fiction!
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