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4S Dealership

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ID: 1472 Upper Intermediate
As more and more Chinese buy cars, consumers are increasingly paying attention to the services provided by the dealerships. In today's Chinese lesson, learn what a "4S Dealership" is and what it offers.
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气派 qìpài impressive, imposing air
经销商 jīngxiāoshāng dealership
4S sì S 4S [sales, spare parts, service, surveys]
授权 shòuquán to authorize
wā ,zhè jiā diàn hǎo qìpài a ,bǐ gāngcái qù de nà jiā piàoliang duō le 。
Wow, this place is so impressive. It's way nicer than that place we just went.
kěbù ,gāngcái wǒmen qù de shì èrjí jīngxiāoshāng ,zhè jiā shì sì S 。nǐ kàn nàbiān yǒu sì S de shòuquán biāozhì 。
Exactly. That place was a second class dealership. This is a 4S dealership. Look, they have a '4S authorized' sign over there.
yī lù shàng nǐ yīzhí zài shuō sì S sì S ,shénme shì sì S a ?
The entire way here you were talking about 4S this, and 4S that - what is 4S?
jiùshì jí zhěngchē xiāoshòu 、língpèijiàn 、shòuhòu fúwù 、xìnxī fǎnkuì děng fúwù yú yīshēn de qìchē jīngxiāoshāng 。
It's a car dealership that brings together sales, spare parts, service and surveys.
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