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2018 Google Most Searched News

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ID: 4127 Intermediate
It's the end of 2018, that means it's time for recaps and new year resolutions! In this special episode, we're looking back on the most searched Google news in 2018. ChinesePod wish you all a happy new year! 二零一八年要结束了,是时候回顾今年及许下新年新希望了!在这特别的一集,我们要来看看最多人搜寻的谷歌新闻,中文播客祝大家新年快乐!
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重返 chóngfǎn to return to
荣耀 róngyào honor
来袭 láixí to invade; (of a storm etc) to strike; to hit
乐透 lètòu lottery
Gǔgē rìqián gōngbù le èrlíngyībānián niándù sōuxún páihángbǎng ,huígù jīnnián wǎngyǒu sōuxún zuìduō de guānjiànzì ,kuài lái kànkan nǐ guānzhù de guójì dàshì yǒu jǐ jiàn shàngbǎng le !
Google just released its top search trends for 2018 in order to look back on the most searched keywords. Let’s see how many of the international news you’ve been following up made the list!
dìyī :Fǎguó duì dìèrcì yíngdé Shìjièbēi zúqiúsài guànjūn !
1. France wins the World Cup for the second time!
Fǎguó zài jīngcǎi de guànjūnsài zhōng chénggōng chóngfǎn róngyào ,dǎbài Kèluóāixīyà 。
France returns to glory by defeating Croatia in an exciting final.
dìèr :jùfēng Fóluólúnsī láixí ,bùdàn zàochéng Měiguó dōngàn wǔshísān rén sǐwáng ,hái yǐnqǐ yánzhòng yānshuǐ yǔ tíngdiàn 。
2. Hurricane Florence strikes, resulting in 53 deaths in the east coast, serious flooding and blackout.
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