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高考 College Entrance Exam

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ID: 2931 Advanced
高考可以说是中国人求学生涯中最重要的一件事,甚至是全家人都投入的一件人生大事,但是真正踏入职场之后,回头再看,究竟那样的投入带来了什么呢?让我们来听听“过来人”怎么说。 Photo by Karl Baron
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场景 chǎngjǐng scene
话说 huàshuō talking of...
胸有成竹 xiōngyǒuchéngzhú to have a card up one's chest
是…的料 shì…deliào to be made of the right stuff for...
jīntiān shì gāokǎo de zuìhòu yītiān ,yòu yǒu yīdàpī xuésheng yào tàjìn dàxué de xiàomén le 。
Today is the last day of the college entrance exams, so another group of students will step on to college campuses again.
nǐ hái jìde wǒmen gāokǎo nà nián de chǎngjǐng ma ?
Do you still remember what it was like when we did our college entrance exams?
wǒ jìde dāngnián wǒmen gāokǎo kǎoqī shì liǎngtiān ,dì yī tiān kǎo yǔwén shùxué ,dì èr tiān kǎo yīngyǔ hé zōnghé 。
I remember back then the college exams lasted for two days. The first day was the language and mathematics exam, the second day was English and general exams.
huàshuō ,nǐ dāngnián nǎ yī mén gōngkè kǎo de zuì hǎo ya ?
Speaking of that, which subject did you test the best in back then?
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