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ID: 4110 Advanced
First Smart Bakery In this Advanced lesson we’re going to listen to news of a smart bakery, another example of how technology is transforming our lives as cities continue to embrace smart living. 在這個高級課程中,我們將聽取北京一家智慧麵包店的新聞, 是技術改變我們的生活的又一個新例子。隨著城市繼續擁抱智慧生活,我們的生活將變換無窮。 在这个高级课程中,我们将听取北京一家智慧面包店的新闻, 是技术改变我们的生活的又一个新例子。随着城市继续拥抱智慧生活,我们的生活将变换无穷。 Visit the Practice section for an excerpt of the article.
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老婆饼 lǎopóbǐng sweetheart cake; wife cake
落地 luòdì to fall to the ground; to be set on the ground; to reach to the ground
亮相 liàngxiàng to strike a pose (Chinese opera); (fig.) to make a public appearance; to come out in public (revealing one's true personality, opinions etc)
托盘 tuōpán tray; salver; pallet
shǒugè zhìhuì miànbāo fáng zài Jīng liàngxiàng
The first smart bakery store debuts in Beijing
jiéxuǎn zì BěijīngRìbào
Excerpt from Beijing Daily
néng zìdòng shíbié gāodiǎn de zìzhù shōuyíntái ,bù dǎyàng de wúrén shòumài qū ,kě zìzhù qǔhuò de yù diǎndān zìtíguì ……
Self service checkout counters with the ability to differentiate different bread and pastries , unmanned self service shops that do not close in the evening, online orders with self pickup services…..
jì Xīn língshòu chāoshì wúrén biànlìdiàn zài Jīng luòdì hòu guónèi shǒugè wúrén zhìhuì miànbāo Fāng jìnrì zài Cháoyángmén liàngxiàng
...following the introduction of new retail supermarkets, unmanned self service convenience stores have emerged in Beijing. And yet another first of its kind “unmanned” smart bakery store has made a public appearance in Chaoyang.
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