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翻箱倒柜 fānxiāngdǎoguì to rummage through chests or cupboards
折腾 zhēteng to do something repeatedly
琢磨 zhuómo to ponder
潜心于 qiánxīn yú to concentrate on
好,帮我把这个柜子抬过去,把镜子拿过来...... 对,就挂在那儿...... 好的...... 还有......
hǎo ,bāng wǒ bǎ zhège guìzi tái guòqù ,bǎ jìngzi ná guòlai ...... duì ,jiù guà zài nàr ...... hǎo de ...... háiyǒu ......
...OK, help me carry this cabinet over there. Carry the mirror over...Good. Hang it right there...great...and now...
nǐ zài gànmá a ?fānxiāngdǎoguì de zhēteng 。
What are you doing? You're making a big mess, turning the place inside out.
wǒ zài bùzhì fángjiān a ,tīngshuō wǒ zhè wū fēngshuǐ bù hǎo ,wǒ děi gǎibiàn xià shìnèi bǎishè zhuǎnzhuan yùnqi 。
I'm decorating the room! I heard the fengshui in this room was no good. I need to turn the luck around in here, by rearranging the furnishings.
ǎ ?!yuánlái nǐ zhème míxìn a !
Huh? I had no idea you were so superstitious!
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