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熬夜 áoyè stay up late or all night
收视率 shōushìlǜ viewership rate
俘虏 fúlǔ to capture
天下 tiānxià everything under heaven
nǐ yǎnjīng zěnme hónghóng de ?zuówǎn méi shuì hǎo ma ?
How come your eyes are so red? Didn't you sleep last night?
āi ,zuówǎn yīdiǎnduō cái shuì ,zǎoshang yòu qǐ de zǎo ,dàoxiànzài hái hūnhūnchénchén de ne 。
Agh, I didn't get to sleep until after one last night, and I got up early. I'm still so fuzzy.
nǐ gànmá nàme wǎn shuì ?áoyè kàn qiúsài ma ?
Why on earth did you go to sleep so late? Were you staying up late to watch a ball game?
nǎyǒu !wǒ hé wǒ mā yīqǐ kàn hánjù ne 。zhōngyāngbātái měitiān hěn wǎn cái fàng ,wǒmen děng de kě xīnkǔ ne 。
Ha! I was watching Korean soap operas with my mom. CCTV 8 only airs them really late. It was really hard for us to wait.
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