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雾霾 A Smog Occupation

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雾霾不仅是国际会议桌上的一纸议案,而是与老百姓的生活息息相关的事,雾霾天还是得冒着吸入众多污染物的危险出门工作,市井小民也只能苦中作乐,期望有一天领导们能找出两全其美的好办法了。 Photo by LWYang
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bǎobèir gāi qǐchuáng le ,zài bù qǐlái nǐ shàngbān yào chídào le 。
Darling, it's time to get up, if you don't get up now you'll be late for work.
xiànzài chuāngwài háishì qīhēi yīpiàn ,gūjì dōu méi dào sì diǎn ne ,nǐ yòu xiǎng hūyou wǒ 。
It's still pitch black outside, it can't be even 4am yet, are you messing with me again?
nǐzìjǐ kàn kan shǒujī ba ,xiànzài yǐjīng zǎoshang bādiǎn le 。
Look at your phone yourself, it's already 8am.
ō ,hái zhēn shì bādiǎn le 。jīntiān zhètiān shì zěnmele ,hái zhème hēi ,wàixīngrén gōng zhàn dìqiú le ma ?
Huh? It really is 8am. What's up with the sky today, why is it still so dark, have aliens invaded the earth?
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