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老年康复院 lǎoniánkāngfùyuàn a care (and treatment) home for the elderly
无可奈何 wúkěnàihé to have no alternative
老年痴呆症 lǎonián chīdāizhèng dementia
中期 zhōngqī mid-stage
wéi ,shì xiǎojùn ma ?wǒ shì mā 。
Hello, is this Xiaojun? It’s mom.
mā ,nǐ zěnmele ,fāshēng shénme shìr ?
Hi mom, what’s wrong, has something happened?
wǒ xīnli nánguò 。gānggāng nǐ bà hé wǒ ,bǎ nǐ wàigōng sòngdào lǎoniánkāngfùyuàn qù le 。
I’m a little upset. Your dad and I just took your grandfather to a care home.
nǐmen wèishénme zhèyàng zuò ?
Why’d you do that?
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