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都是谁的错 -不好意思,抱歉,对不起

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ID: 4181 Upper Intermediate
As the title suggests, these phrases have “varying degrees of sorry”. A useful lesson to learn when to use which one! 道歉也是有不同程度的:是轻微的碰撞,无意的冒犯还是严重的不满呢?在不同场合里,我们表达歉意的方式和语言可能非常不同。听完这一课,你或许会思考,当一个人在表达歉意的时候,他究竟想说些什么呢? HSK lvl 4 实在 抱歉 不过 道歉 HSK lvl 5 不好意思 真实 HSK lvl 6 归根到底 明明 拖延 自主 憋
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对不起 duìbuqǐ sorry
实在 shízài really; actually; indeed
抱歉 bàoqiàn to be sorry; to feel apologetic; sorry!
重启 chóngqǐ to reopen
duìbuqǐ ya ,wǒmen de kōngtiáo hái méiyǒu xiūhǎo ne 。
Sorry, our air conditioner isn’t repaired yet.
méiguānxi ,yǐjīng huài le hěn jiǔ le ya 。
It doesn't matter, it has been broken for a long time.
shízài bàoqiàn ,nǐ děng wǒ zài chóngqǐ shì shì ……a ,tài bùhǎoyìsi le ,kōngtiáo háishi bùnéng yòng ne 。
Sorry, please wait while I try to restart ... Ah, I’m so sorry, the air conditioner still can’t be used.
méishì de 。bùguò ……nǐ zěnme zǒng zài hé wǒ dàoqiàn ne ,míngmíng kōngtiáo shì wǒ shàngcì lái nònghuài de ,yě shì wǒ yīzhí tuōyán méi qù Xiū ,nǐ zěnme shuō de xiàng shì zìjǐ de cuò yīyàng ?
It’s nothing. But...why are you always apologizing to me, obviously I was the one who broke the AC and been delaying the repairs so why do you say it is your own fault?
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