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diē to drop; to dip
退休金 tuìxiūjīn retirement fund
套牢 tàoláo to get trapped in the stock market
贵金属 guìjīnshǔ precious metals
èi èi ,nǐ kàn ,huángjīn yòu diē le ,nǐ zhīqián búshì shuō xiǎng tóuzī huángjīn lái cún tuìxiūjīn ma ?
Ah, look, gold prices have fallen again. Didn't you say before that you wanted to invest in gold to save for your retirement?
zhèjǐnián huángjīn diē le hǎo jǐ cì ,dōu diē hěn duō ,hài wǒ yīzhí bùgǎn mǎi ,pà bèi tàoláo 。
Over the past few years gold prices have fallen several times, by quite a large margin each time, so I've not dared buy because I'm scared of being trapped in the stock market.
tàoláo ?nà shì mǎi gǔpiào cái huì bèi tàoláo ,huángjīn gēn gǔpiào shì bù yīyàng de dōngxi ,yī gè shì guìjīnshǔ ,yī gè shì shùzì hé zhǐ 。
Trapped? You can only get trapped in the stock market if you buy stocks, gold is not the same as stocks, one is a precious metal, the other is a number on a piece of paper.
kěshì diē zhème duō ,yīnggāi biǎoshì zhuàngkuàng bù hǎo ,zhēnde yào xiànzài mǎi ma ?
But the value has fallen so much, so it must mean that things aren't looking good for it. You really think I should buy now?
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