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duī to pile up; to heap up; a mass
九牛一毛 jiǔniúyīmáo a drop in the ocean
七手八脚 qīshǒubājiǎo extremely uncoordinated, too many “hands” causing chaos
五花八门 wǔhuābāmén myriad; all kinds of; all sorts of
Lǐ shū a ,jīntiān tānwèi shàng de dōngxi zěnme dōu duī chéng shān le ?
Uncle Li, why is your stall today piled up like a mountain?
zhè hái zhǐshì jiǔniúyīmáo ne ,yīzǎo jǐge dàxuéshēng jiù qīshǒubājiǎo de gěi wǒ bān lái bùshǎo dōngxi 。
This is just a drop in the ocean! This morning a group of university students brought me a lot of things.
gūjì shì yào bìyè le ba ,nín jīngcháng péi tāmen liáo liáotiān ,hái bāng tāmen Xiū dōngxi ,tāmen dāngrán gǎnjī nín la 。
I suppose they’re about to graduate soon. And because you often chat with them and even help them to repair their things, they’re of course grateful to you.
nǐ qiáo zhè nálái de dōngxi ,hái zhēnshi wǔhuābāmén de 。
Just take a look at all sorts of things they brought.
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