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负能量 Mister Negative

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ID: 2848 Advanced
我们一定都曾经遇到过“爱抱怨”的人,这样的人往往也不是坏人,只是忍不住想要对着旁边的人诉说他的烦恼和不幸,以及他所看到的种种问题,面对这样的人,就仿佛面对着一堆负面情绪,实在让人不知道该怎么办呐! Photo by dinnerseries and garryknight
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抓狂 zhuākuáng to lose one's cool
负能量 fùnéngliàng negative energy
爆棚 bàopéng to be full of; to be teeming with
苦水 kǔshuǐ troubles
ā ,wǒ yào zhuākuáng la !zhè ge shìjiè zěnme huì yǒu zhèzhǒng fùnéngliàng bàopéng de rén ne ?
Ah, I'm going to lose it! How can someone be so full of negative energy?
zěnmele xiǎoChén ?bié zhuākuáng bié zhuākuáng !hé wǒ shuō shuo fāshēng shénme shìr le 。
What's wrong, Xiao Chen? Don't lose it! Don't lose it! Tell me what happened.
nà wǒ kě jiù xiàng nǐ dào kǔshuǐ le ā ,nǐ yào zuò hǎo xīnlǐ zhǔnbèi ,qiānwàn bié bèi wǒ de huài qíngxù yǐngxiǎng le 。
Then I'll pour out my grievances for you, you should prepare yourself psychologically, so you aren't pulled down by my bad mood.
hā ,nǐ kě zhēn kě ài ,píngshí dōu nàme yángguāng ,nándé kàndào nǐ zhuākuáng 。rén ne ,nánmiǎn dōuhuì yǒuxiē bùhǎo de qíngxù xūyào fāxiè yīxià ,bié jièyì 。
Ha, you're so cute. You've normally got such a sunny disposition, it's rare to see you lose it. It's normal that people get into bad moods and need to get it off their chest, don't worry about it.
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