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ID: 4424 Upper Intermediate
有人说,学习讲究“循序渐进”,不能心急,要遵循规律,逐渐进步。与其急于求成,不如慢慢来,速度放慢反倒进步更大。 这节语法课程,我们一起来学习“与其……不如……”这组词语的用法!
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不如 bùrú not equal to; not as good as; inferior to
不如 bùrú how about (to put forward a suggestion or invitation)
与其……(倒/还)不如 yǔqí(dào/hái)bùrú rather's better to...
、tiānshí bùrú dìlì ,dìlì bùrú rénhé 。
Opportunities of time vouchsafed by heaven are not equal to advantages of situation afforded by the earth, and advantages of situation afforded by the earth are not equal to the union arising from the accord of men.
、jīntiān tiānqì qínglǎng ,bùrú wǒmen qù dǎlánqiú ba !
Today’s weather is good, how about playing basketball?
、māma shuō :“jīntiān tiānqì qínglǎng ,wǒmen qù gōngyuán zěnmeyàng ?”bàba jiēzhe shuō :“shàngzhōu wǒmen gānggang qù guò gōngyuán ,bùrú wǒmen qù hǎibiān ba !”
Mom says “ Today’s weather is good, what do you think of going to the park?” Dad says “we went to the park last week, so how about going to the beach!”
、māma duì wǒ shuō :“nǐ yǔqí zài jiālǐ shuìdàjiào ,bùrú chūmén qù túshūguǎn kàn kàn shū 。”
Mom said to me “instead of sleeping at home, it would be better if you read books at the library,”
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