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ID: 4422 Upper Intermediate
当你向别人提出一个问题,对方可能回答:“不好意思,这个问题……我不太了解。”或者是:“不好意思,您的问题我不太理解。” “了解”和“理解”,一字之差,意思却不同。第一种回答的意思是,对方不熟悉、不知道问题的答案。第二种的意思是,对方没有听懂你的问题,你可以重复一次、或者解释你的问题。 通过这节语法课程,我们一起来学习“了解”和“理解”的用法!
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了解 liǎojiě to understand; to realize; to find out (big concept)
理解 lǐjiě to comprehend; to understand; comprehension (specific; concrete)
wǒ hé Liúfāng shì hǎopéngyou ,suǒyǐ wǒ hěn liǎojiě tā 。
Liu Fang and I are good friends therefore I know her very well.
suīrán wǒ hé Lǐlì shì hǎopéngyou ,dàn wǒ zhēnde bù lǐjiě tā wèishénme yào zhèyàng zuò 。
Although Li Li and I are good friends, I really don't understand why she is doing this.
nǐ liǎojiě zhè jiā gōngsī de jīběn qíngkuàng ma ?
Do you understand the basic situation of this company?
nǐ zhèyàng shuō shì shénme yìsi ,wǒ hái bùnéng lǐjiě 。
What do you mean by saying this, I still can't comprehend.
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