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ID: 4321 Upper Intermediate
语法课程看起来好有趣,我不由得想要学习...... 不想学也得学,这可由不得你! 一起来学习“不由得”、“由不得”等几个相似词语的用法吧!
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不由得 bùyóude can't help; can not but
佳肴 jiāyáo fine food; delicacies; delicious food
恶心 ěxīn nausea; to feel sick; disgust
热泪盈眶 rèlèiyíngkuàng eyes brimming with tears of excitement (idiom)
.kàndào zhè duì qīngqīngwǒwǒ de xiǎo qínglǚ ,tā bùyóude xiǎngqǐ zìjǐ de qiánnányǒu 。
Seeing this loving couple, she could not help but think of her ex-boyfriend.
.zhīdào gāngcái de měiwèi jiāyáo jūrán shì yòng kūnchóng zuò chūlái de ,tā bùyóude yīzhèn ěxīn 。
Knowing that the delicious food was actually made from insects, he could not help but feel sick.
.èrshí nián hòu ,tā zàicì kàndào érshí yīqǐ wánshuǎ de xiǎomíng bùyóude rèlèiyíngkuàng 。
Twenty years later, when he met Xiao Ming, his childhood playmate , he could not help but burst into tears.
.qiànzhài huán qián ,tiānjīngdìyì ,yóubude nǐ dǐlài 。
Repaying your debt is only right and proper.
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