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诚实 vs. 老实 vs. 坦白

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ID: 4348 Upper Intermediate
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诚实 chéngshí honest
老一辈 lǎoyībèi the older generation
地狱 dìyù hell
长相 zhǎngxiàng appearance; looks
zuòrén yào chéngshí ,lǎoyībèi de dōu shuō shuōhuǎng shì huì xià dìyù 、gē shétou de 。
We need to be honest. Elders always say that people who lie would go to hell and their tongues would be cut.
qíshí zhǎngxiàng shénmede zhēnde bùtài zhòngyào ,wǒ zhǐ xīwàng wǒ yǐhòu de bànlu:3 néng duì wǒ chéngshí 。
To be honest, appearance doesn't matter that much. The only thing I hope is that my future partner is honest with me.
honest; well-behaved; naïve
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