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ID: 2698 Advanced
大学生活最重要的就是 “学业、恋爱、打工”,系上进来了漂亮的学妹,一定会引起大家的注意,来看看学长要用什么高招追学妹吧!
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còu to gather
光...有什么用 guāng...yǒu shénme yòng what use is it just to...
透过 tòuguò to go through
èi !wǒmen xì jīnnián jìnlai yí ge xuémèi ,hěn piàoliang ,nǐ tīngshuō le ma ?
Ah, one of the freshman in our department this year is very pretty. Did you hear?
dāngrán tīngshuō le ,wǒ zhù sùshè ,zěnme kěnéng méi tīng dào ,dàjiā còu zàiyìqǐ jiù huì liáo ā 。
Of course I heard, I live in the dormitory, how could I not hear. It's all anyone talks about when we get together.
guāng liáo yǒu shénme yòng ?yào rènshi měinǚ ,jiù děi tòuguò měinǚ ,wǒ qǐng le wǒmen zhè yí jiè de xìhuā bāng wǒ yuē tā jiànmiàn 。
What's the point in just talking? You have to go through pretty girls if you want to get to know pretty girls. I asked the prettiest girls in our department to ask her to meet up with me.
méi xiǎng dào nǐ rènzhēn le ,búguò tīngshuō yìniánjí yǒu ge xuédì yǐjīng měitiān xiàng cāngying yíyàng nián zài tā shēnbiān le 。
I didn't think you were so serious about it, but I heard that there's a guy in first year who is already buzzing around her like a fly everyday.
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