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虎妈教育方式的的利与弊-Tiger Mom(1/3)

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Are you a Tiger Mom? Do you know anyone who is? Is being a Tiger Mom a good thing or a bad thing? Let us know what you think! The shorter dialog section contains helpful explanations. We hope you enjoy this lesson. 您同意虎妈式教育其实是中国传统教育方式的美国延续,是一种新型的教育方式,属于中西合璧的产物吗?虎妈式教育,坚持从小 严格管教,多加训练,孩子才能出人头地。目标不同,教育方式就截然不同。 我们这次请了专栏作家肖遥,一起来聊聊虎妈式的教育的利与弊, 并且从他们的对话中能了解一些中国的教育理念。
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其实 qíshí actually; in fact; really
延续 yánxù to continue; to go on; to last
新型 xīnxíng new type
属于 shǔyú to be classified as; to belong to; to be part of
hǔ mā shì jiàoyù qíshí shì Zhōngguó chuántǒng jiàoyù fāngshì de Měiguó yánxù ,shì yīzhǒng xīnxíng de jiàoyù fāngshì ,shǔyú ZhōngXīhébì de chǎnwù 。
The "tiger mom" education is actually an American adaptation of traditional Chinese education. As a new trend in education, it is a combination of East and West.
rúguǒ háizi de pànnì xìng fēicháng qiáng ,zhèzhǒng jiàoyù fāngfǎ kěnéng huì yǐnqǐ bǐ jiào yánzhòng de hòuguǒ ,jí háizi qiángliè de pànnì hé bù zūncóng ,rúguǒ háizi cóngxiǎo yīzhí zài pànnì de zhuàngtài xià ,zhǎngdà hòu huì yǐnfā yīdìng de xīnlǐ zhàngài yǐjí niǔqū ,suǒyǐ zhè yī fāngfǎ bìng bùshì yòngyú suǒyǒu háizi 。
If the child is rebellious, then this kind of education may cause some serious consequences, such as rebelling. If the child grew up from such a rebellious condition, even more extreme rebelling. Thus, this way of education does not apply to all kids.
yàome èxìngxúnhuán ,yàome shìbèigōngbàn 。
It is either a negative feedback loop (a vicious cycle), or getting half of the results from twice the effort.
yī qiān ge māma yǒu yī qiān zhǒng nán 。yī qiān ge dúzhě yǒu yī qiān ge Hāmǔléitè
All mothers face difficulties. "A thousand Hamlets in the hearts of a thousand readers" (This quotation speaks to the subjectivity of art acceptance and interpretation.)
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