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游牧民族 yóumù mínzú nomadic peoples
屡次 lǚcì repeatedly
侵犯 qīnfàn to violate, to infringe upon
边境 biānjìng border
běifāng yóumù mínzú lǚcì qīnfàn wǒguó biānjìng ,gèjiāgèhù wùbì pàichū nándīng ,bǎojiāwèiguó !
The nomadic tribes from the North have repeatedly infringed upon our borders. Every family and household must send an adult male to defend their home and country!
diēdie ,nín tǐruòduōbìng ,dìdi hái niányòu ,ràng wǒ tì nín chūzhēng ba !
Father, you've become weak and are continuously falling ill. Also, our family's youngest male is still underage. Let me go into battle in your place!
nǐ yī gè dàgūniangjia ,shì bùnéng shàng zhànchǎng de 。
You're just an unmarried girl. You can't enter the battlefield.
wǒ cóngxiǎo xíwǔ ,qímǎ shèjiàn yàngyàng jīngtōng ,érqiě hái kàn guo hěn duō bīngshū 。wǒ xiǎng nǚbànnánzhuāng ......
Ever since I was young, I've practiced martial arts, horseback riding and archery, and I'm proficient in them all. Moreover, I've also read many books on warfare. I would like to disguise myself as a man.
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