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ID: QW0132 Intermediate
Many users have expressed confusion about this commonly heard Chinese phrase, 舍不得 (shěbùde), largely because there are so many different translations offered by various dictionaries (and seriously, when would you ever use "loathe to" in normal conversation)?? So today we'll be helping you find out just what this phrase means, and how to use it! You'll also be finding out what Connie and Liliana would hate to part with... (not surprisingly food comes up)!
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wǒ bù xiǎng qù wàidì gōngzuò ,yīnwèi wǒ shěbude wǒ de háizi hé lǎopó 。
I don't want to go work out of town because I can't bear to be without my child and wife.
shěbude wǒ de xiǎogǒu 。
I can't bear to be without my puppy.
wǒ shěbude wǒ de PS sān yóuxì 。
I can't bear to part with my PS3 game.
wǒ shěbude Mòxīgē de yùmǐbǐng 。
I can't bear to be without Mexican corn tortillas.
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