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秉持 bǐngchí to uphold
客观 kèguān objective
原则 yuánzé principle; doctrine
滞留 zhìliú to detain
jìnqī ,guójiā yǒuguān bùmén yīfǎ duì LiánbāngKuàidì (Zhōngguó )yǒuxiàngōngsī wèi àn míngzhǐ tóudì kuàijiàn yī àn shíshī diàochá fāxiàn ,LiánbāngKuàidì guānyú jiāng shè Huáwéi gōngsī kuàijiàn zhuàn zhì Měiguó xì “wùcāozuò ”de shuōfǎ yǔ shìshí bùfú 。
Recently, the relevant state departments have conducted an investigation into the case of FedEx Express (China) Co., Ltd. not delivering the courier by name. It is found that FedEx’s statement that the transfer of the company’s shipments to the US of “mishandling” is inconsistent with the facts.
lìng fāxiàn LiánbāngKuàidì shèxián zhìliú yú bǎi jiàn shè Huáwéi gōngsī jìnjìng kuàijiàn 。
In addition, it was found that FedEx was suspected of detaining more than 100 pieces of Huawei-related company shipments.
diàochá qījiān ,hái fāxiàn LiánbāngKuàidì qítā wéifǎ wéiguī xiànsuǒ 。
During the investigation, other FedEx violations were also found.
guójiā yǒuguān bùmén jiāng bǐngchí quánmiàn 、kèguān 、gōngzhèng de yuánzé ,jìxù yīfǎ shēnrù kāizhǎn diàochá gōngzuò 。
The relevant state departments will uphold the principles of comprehensiveness, objectivity and fairness and continue to carry out investigations in depth according to the law.
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