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职场抱怨王 Part 2

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ID: 4306 Upper Intermediate
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空降 kōngjiàng airborne
新官上任三把火 xīnguānshàngrènsānbǎhuǒ the new boss cracks the whip three times; a new broom sweeps clean; fig. vigorous new policies
开小差 kāixiǎochāi to be absent-minded
睁一只眼闭一只眼 zhēngyīzhīyǎnbìyīzhīyǎn to turn a blind eye
xiǎomài ,nǐmen bùmén zuìjìn yòu yǒu shénme xīnxiān shì la ?
Xiao Mai, is there any interesting news in your department?
ài ,zuìjìn kōngjiàng le yīgē Xīn zhǔguǎn 。
Well... there's a new manager that was hired externally.
xīnguānshàngrènsānbǎhuǒ ,nǐ bèi shāo dào le ma ?
A new broom sweeps clean, were you swept?
tā gēnběn zài wǒ tóushàng diǎnhuǒ 。zhème duō rén shàngbān kāixiǎochāi ,tā dōu zhēngyīzhīyǎnbìyīzhīyǎn 。wǒ zhǐbuguò chídào sān fēnzhōng ,jiù ràng wǒ xiě jiǎntǎo shū 。
She's basically sweeping me away. She turns a blind eye to every other employee that is absent-minded all day. I was only late for three minutes and she made me write a feedback report.
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