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聂隐娘 "The Assassin"

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ID: 2822 Advanced
嘎纳电影节得奖电影“聂隐娘”以文言文对白引起大众关注,但整部影片却是全然的现代艺术风格。虽然不是用来学现代汉语的好材料,却不妨当作一种美学的经验来享受吧。 Photo credit
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侠女 xiánǚ female martial arts heroine
唯美 wéiměi aesthetically pleasing
诗歌 shīgē poem
台词 táicí lines; dialogue
Xiǎo Lǐ ,nǐmen xuéxiào jiāo wényánwén ma ?
Xiao Li, does your school teach Classical Chinese?
ng4 ,mùqián shì méiyǒu ,bùguò Táiwān qítā dàxué de huáyǔ zhōngxīn yīnggāi shì yǒu zhè ge kèchéng 。zěnme ,xiǎng xué wényánwén la ?
Em, it doesn't at the minute, but Chinese language centers at other universities in Taiwan will likely have this kind of class. Why, you want to learn Classical Chinese?
shì a ,jīntiān kàn le yī bù diànyǐng ,jiǎng de shì Zhōngguó Tángcháo yī gè xiánǚ de gùshi ,diànyǐng huàmiàn tèbié wéiměi ,jiǎnzhí xiàng shīgē yīyàng ,kěshì táicí ,dōu shì wényánwén ,wǒ yī jù yě tīng bù dǒng 。
Yeah. I saw a film today, about a female assasin from the Tang dynasty. The film had a very unique aesthetic, it was almost poetic, but the dialogue was all in Classical Chinese, I didn't understand a word of it.
nǐshuōde ,yīnggāi shì Hóu xiàoxián dǎoyǎn de 《Niè yǐnniáng 》ba 。
You must be taking about The Assassin by the director Hou Hsiao-hsien.
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