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红人 hóngrén popular person
总决赛 zǒngjuésài general competition
现场 xiànchǎng the scene of
小沈阳 Xiǎoshěnyáng Xiao Shenyang (name)
huānyíng dàjiā láidào èr líng yī líng nián dì yī jiè wǎngluò hóngrén zǒngjuésài xiànchǎng !
Welcome, everyone, to the scene of the first 2010 Internet Celebrity Finals!
dàjiā hǎo ,wǒ shì zhǔchírén Xiǎoshěnyáng 。
Hello, everyone. I'm your host, Xiao Shenyang.
wǒ shì zhǔchírén Shòushou 。āi ,Xiǎoshěnyáng ,zhècì bǐsài zěnme méiyǒu chūsài 、fùsài ,ér zhíjiē jìnrù juésài ne ?zhè shì wèishénme ne ?
And I'm your host, Shoushou. Hey, Xiao Shenyang, how come this competition doesn't have a preliminary round or semi-finals, and just goes directly into the final round? Why is that?
zhè shì bùnéng shuō de tài xì 。hǎo ,bǐsài hái méi zhèngshì kāishǐ ,zánmen xiān bǎ jìngtóu qiē dào hóngtǎn yíshì 。
This issue cannot be discussed in too much detail. OK, the competition hasn't officially started yet. Let's first cut to the scene of the red carpet ceremony.
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