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给力 gěilì to give strength, [fig. helpful, cool, impressive]
年终奖 niánzhōngjiǎng end of the year bonus
jiǒng awful, depressing, embarrassing
带劲儿 dàijìnr energetic, exciting
lěng sǐ le ,bàngōngshì de kōngtiáo zhēn bù gěilì !
It's freezing. The air-conditioner in the office is so weak!
jiùshì 。wǒ shǒu dōu dòng de dǎbùliǎo zì le 。zài Táobǎo shàng mǎi le gè rèshuǐdài ,yī ge xīngqī le hái méi dào !
Yeah. My hand is so cold I can't even type. I ordered a hot water pouch on Taobao. It's already been a week and it hasn't arrived!
zhè jǐ tiān xià dàxuě ,érqiě kuàidì dōu huíjiā guò Chūnjié le ,kěndìng hěn bù gěilì ma !
It's been snowing really heavily lately. Also, all the delivery people have gone home for Spring Festival. It'll definitely take ages!
yào guònián le ,xīwàng niánzhōngjiǎng gěilì xiē ,bùrán yòu yào guò gè jiǒng nián !
It's almost the New Year. I hope the New Year bonuses are actually worth something. Otherwise I'll have to suffer through another crappy year!
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