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社交恐惧症 Social Anxiety

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信手拈来 xìnshǒuniānlái to do something in a natural way
从容不迫 cóngróngbùpò calm; unruffled
战胜 zhànshèng to prevail over
活教材 huójiàocái living teaching material
èi ,zhěnggè yànhuì de rén nǐ dōu rènshi ma ?zěnme gǎnjué nǐ hé tāmen dōu hěn shúxī ā ,huàtí xìnshǒuniānlái cóngróngbùpò de 。
Agh, do you know everyone at the entire banquet? Why does it feel like you are so familiar with all of them, and conversation seems to come so naturally to you.
wǒ kě shì yī zé zhànshèng shèjiāo kǒngjùzhèng de lìzhì huó jiàocái ā 。wǒ yǐqián fēicháng nèixiàng hàixiū de 。
I'm actually a living lesson in overcoming social anxiety. I was previously extremely introverted and shy.
zěnme kěnéng ,gēnběn kàn bù chūlái ā 。kěyǐ zhǐdiǎnmíjīn ma ?wǒ yī zhàn zài rénqún zhōng gāngà ái jiù fàn le 。
How is that possible, you really wouldn't know it to look at you. Can you teach me the secret? Whenever I'm stood among a crowd of people my awkwardness starts to play up.
shèjiāo kǒngjù shì rén zhī cháng qíng ,píngcháng xīn miànduì bìng duō jiā liànxí jiùhǎole 。
Social anxiety is normal for everyone, if you approach things with an everyday frame of mind and practice you'll be fine.
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