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ID: 4423 Upper Intermediate
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相见恨晚 xiāngjiànhènwǎn to regret not having met earlier (idiom); It is nice to meet you finally.; It feels like we have known each other all along.
档案馆 dàngànguǎn archive library
小众 xiǎozhòng minority of the population; non-mainstream (activity, pursuit etc); niche (market etc)
阴差阳错 yīnchāyángcuò an accident arising from many causes (idiom)
nǐ zuìjìn méishì jiù wǎng dàngànguǎn lǐ pǎo ,shì fāxiàn shénme bǎozàng le ma ?
Recently you’ve been heading to the archives when you’re free, did you find any treasure?
bùguò shì míshàng le huáijiù diànyǐng ,měicì bōfàng yī duàn lùxiàngdài dōu xiàng shì zuò le yīchǎng hěn jiǔyuǎn de mèng 。
Its just that I’m obsessed with nostalgic movies, and each time I play a video, it seems like a far away dream.
biéren dōu shì míliàn kùxuàn de dà zhìzuò dà chǎngmiàn ,nǐ de kǒuwèi hěn xiǎozhòng ya 。
Others are obsessed with cool big productions but you’ve got very niche taste.
dìyīcì kàn háishi yīnchāyángcuò de péi lǎorénjiā qù gōngyuán zǔzhī de lǎodiànyǐng fàngyìnghuì ,shéizhī wǒ dìyīyǎn jiù àishàng le ,cóngcǐ yīfābùkěshōushi 。
The first time I watched an old movie, was at a screening party at a park when I accompanied an elderly. Who could guess that I would fall in love with it at first sight, and can be controlled since.
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