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相亲 Arranged Blind Dates

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ID: 2833 Advanced
找对象的方法有许多种,你知道几种?又试过几种呢?其实有种由来已久且老一辈十分相信的办法,就是相亲,有时儿女不急着结婚,倒是家里的叔伯阿姨等长辈急得要命,就会给安排相亲了,听听两代人对相亲有什么不同的看法吧。 Photo by al fernandez
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何止 hézhǐ is not just that
仅仅 jǐnjǐn only
落实 luòshí to implement
相亲 xiāngqīn a date arranged by a matchmaker between a man and a woman from two families of similar social status
xiǎo Chén ,zuìjìn jiārén háizài cuī zhe nǐ jiéhūn ma ?
Xiao Chen, is your family still pressuring you to get married?
hézhǐ shì cuī hūn ,xiànzài gāncuì bīhūn le ,suǒyǐ zhèzhǒng cuīcù bùjǐnjǐn zhǐshì biǎoxiàn zài kǒutóu shàng ,xiànzài yě kāishǐ luòshí dào xíngdòng shàng le 。
It's not just pressuring me to get married, it's more like directly forcing me to get married. They're not pressuring with just words, now they've started to take direct action.
luòshí dào xíngdòng ,zhè shénme yìsi ?
Take direct action? What do you mean by that?
xiànzài tāmen kāishǐ qǐng rén bāng wǒ jièshào jiéhūn duìxiàng ,ràng wǒ qù xiàngqīn le 。
Now they've started to ask people to introduce marriage prospects for me, to get me to go on family-arranged dates.
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