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疯狂富豪和现实生活 Crazy Rich Asians & Real Life

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ID: 4122 Upper Intermediate
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疯狂 fēngkuáng crazy; frantic; extreme popularity
富豪 fùháo rich and powerful person
罕见 hǎnjiàn rare; not familiar (to the speaker)
亚裔 Yàyì of Asian descent
diànyǐng yǒu hěnduō zhǒnglèi :yǒu wényì piàn 、àiqíngpiàn 、kēhuàn piàn 、háiyǒu kǒngbùpiàn 。
There are many types of movies: there are literary films, romance films, science fiction films, and horror movies ...etc.
fēngkuáng fùháo 》shì yī bù hǎnjiàn de quán Yàyì míngxīng de Hǎoláiwù dàpiàn 。
Crazy Rich Asians is a rare Hollywood blockbuster of all-Asian American stars.
zuìjìn zài hěnduō guójiā shàngyìng shòu dào hǎopíng ,yǐnqǐ hěnduō gòngmíng ,érqiě náxià piàofáng guànjūn ;
Recently, it has been well received in many countries, which has caused a lot of resonance and topped the box offices;
xǔduō Měiguó Huáyì shènzhì “sǎ qián ”bāochǎng guānkàn zhè chǎng diànyǐng
Many Chinese Americans even "spend money" to watch this movie.
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