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申请 shēnqǐng to apply
一流 yīliú first-rate
惨烈 cǎnliè brutal
出具 chūjù to provide a document or certificate
zhāng tóngxué ,wǒ kàn le nǐ de cáiliào ,rènwéi nǐ shēnqǐng Měiguó yīliú dàxué de yánjiūshēng méiwèntí 。
Mister Zhang, I looked over your materials. I think you could apply to be a graduate student at a first rate school in the US without a problem.
zhēn de ma ?
zhēnde 。bùguò ,nǐ de GPA bùgòu gāo ,GRE hé tuōfú chéngjì yě bù suàn hěn hǎo 。niúxiào jìngzhēng huì hěn cǎnliè ,yàoxiǎng tígāo chénggōnglǜ ,hái yào zài fèi xiē gōngfu 。
Really. However, your GPA isn't high enough, and your GRE and TOEFL scores also aren't all that good. The competition at top schools is brutal. If you want to raise your chances of being accepted, you'll need to do some work.
nà wǒ gāi zěnme bàn ne ?
Then what should I do?
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