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话说回来 huàshuōhuílai returning to our main topic,
智障 zhìzhàng someone with learning difficulties; retard (derog.)
停产 tíngchǎn to stop production
遭天谴 zāo tiānqiǎn to incur the wrath of the gods
xièxie !jìde zài bǎ zhàopiàn Email gěi wǒ ā !
Thank you! Remember to email the photo to me!
mǎshàng bàn !jìchū 。hǎo le ,nǐ huíjiā shōuxìn ba !huàshuōhuílai ,nǐ héshí cái yào huàn zhìnéng shǒujī ya ?
I'll do it now! It's sent. OK, go back home and check your email! Speaking of that, when are you going to trade up to smartphone?
è ...děngdào ”zhìzhàngshǒujī ”tíngchǎn de shíhou ba 。zài shuō ,wǒ xiànzài zhè zhī shǒujī yě hái hǎohāo de ā ,tài làngfèi huì zāo tiānqiǎn de 。
Eh... I'm going to wait until they stop manufacturing the dunce phones I guess. And the phone I have now is still in good shape, wastefulness incurs divine wrath.
ng4 ?nǐ zhè shì guǎizhewān màrén ma ?
Huh? Are you calling me out in a roundabout way?
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