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气呼呼 qìhūhū huffing with rage
推崇 tuīchóng to highly esteem
鼓吹 gǔchuī to advocate
自相矛盾 zìxiāngmáodùn self-contradiction
What are you doing, huffing with rage while you read the newspaper?
Agh, I get angry just looking at the news. On the one hand they encourage you to buy a car, and on the other hand they call vigorously for stronger environmental awareness. Isn't that a self-contradiction? We've been talking about environmental protection for so many years, and we haven't had a bit of improvement. In fact, the situation gets more serious all the time!
Environmental pollution is definitely a serious problem these days. But the government has consistently done more to strengthen its protection of the environment. Recently, a lot of chemical companies were closed to reduce the release of pollution. The country has also put a lot of financial resources into developing water purification and recycling systems to solve the problems of water pollution and shortages. And then there's all kinds of ``greening," and measures to protect the ecological environment are getting started. That goes to show that everyone takes environmental protection more seriously all the time. I think that as common citizens, I think we just need to take care of our own business. You can count that as making a contribution to environmental protection.
I'm still not optimistic about the prospects for environmental protection. Just doing a few little things is not nearly enough. Everywhere you look are erosion, water shortages, and air pollution. If we don't start paying more attention, after a few more years, people will need masks and oxygen bottles to survive. What a huge tragedy.
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