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猛虎与蔷薇 Part 2

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ID: 4017 Advanced
余光中是著名的诗人、散文家,研究西洋文学并精通中国传统文学,是富有极高声誉的当代文学家。这次我们选取他早期的一篇散文的部分内容,谈论关于“阴柔”与“阳刚”这两种气质在中西方文学里的表现。从语言层面可以看到深刻的文化内涵,余光中对于语言文字的运用十分讲究,很适合高级汉语学习者读,用来提升词汇能力,并且从语言当中得到更进一步的文化学习。 More about the author Yu Guangzhong.
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幕士 mùshì officer
柳永 Liǔ Yǒng Liu Yong
红牙板 hóngyábǎn clapper (musical instrument)
晓风 xiǎofēng dawn wind
zuòzhě :Yú Guāngzhōng
Author: Yu Guangzhong
Dōngpō yǒu mùshì ,cháng wèi Liǔ Yǒng cí zhǐ hé shíqī bā nǚláng ,zhí hóngyábǎn ,gē “yángliǔ àn ,xiǎofēng cányuè ”:Dōngpō cí xū guānxī dàhàn ,tóng pípá ,tiě chuòbǎn ,chàng “dà jiāng dōng qù ”。dōngpō wèi zhī “juédǎo ”。
One day Su Dongpo came upon a officer who was skilled at singing, so he asked, "How do my ci compare with those of Liu Yong?". He replied, "Liu Yong's ci are only suitable for girls of 17 or 18 to sing, holding their ivory clappers and singing 'a river bank covered in willow trees, with the cold breeze before the dawn', the ci of a scholar like yourself requires a great man from West of the Hangu Pass, using a bronze pipa, a pair of iron clappers, singing 'The River Surges Eastward'." Su Dongpo gave a hearty laugh, not knowing how to react.
tā xiǎnran yīn cǐzhǒng yánggāng hé yīnróu zhīfēn ér gǎndào zìháo 。qíshí Dōngpō zhī cí hécháng dōu shì “dà jiāng dōng qù ”?“xiào jiàn bù wén shēng jiàn yǎo ,duōqíng què bèi wúqíng nǎo ”;“xiùlián kāi ,yīdiǎn míngyuè kuī rén ”;zhèxiē cí jù ,kǒngpà yě zhǐ hé shíqī bā nǚláng màn shēng dī chàng ba ?
He clearly felt proud of this kind of distinction between masculine and feminine, but actually it's not like Su Dongpo's ci are all like 'The River Surges Eastward'". Wouldn't lines of poetry like, "Gradually, the laughter within the walls faded, and the passersby dispersed. As if one's passion was injured by the ruthlessness of a young girl." and "Through the embroidered curtain, the moon steals a furtive glance at her." also maybe only be appropriate for young girls of 17 or 18 to sing in modest voices?
ér Liǔ Yǒng de cí jù :“Chángān gǔ dào mǎ chíchí ,gāo liǔ luàn chán sī ”,yǐjí “dù wàn huò qiān yán ,yuè xī shēnchù 。nùtāo jiàn xī ,qiáo fēng zhà qǐ ;gèng wén shāng lǚ xiāng hū ,piàn fán gāo jǔ 。”yòu shì héděng jìngjiè !jiùshì xiǎo fēng cán yuè de shàng bàn què nà yī jù “mǔǎi chénchén Chǔ tiān kuò ”,shéi néng shuō tā jìng shì yīnróu ?
And what kind of atmosphere is given off by lines from Liu Yong such as, "Trotting slowly on horseback on the ancient streets of Chang'An, with cicadas calling from the tall willows lining the street" and "Passing by many beautiful cliffs along the ravine, into the deepest depths of the river. The roar of the river gradually calms, and a good wind happens to rise, now I hear again the merchants and travelers calling to one another. The sails hoisted high."? In the first half of the ci with the line "a riverbank covered in willow trees with the cold breeze before the dawn" is the line "The evening clouds and mist have gradually gotten thicker, and the sky over Chu is vast and open!". Who can say that this is feminine?
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