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ID: 4119 Upper Intermediate
Rural farms are mainly located in the remote areas without access to modern and clean energy. In this lesson we find out how farms in rural China are turning to renewable energy for sustainable and efficient farming, generate electricity for local needs, reduce pollution and drive tourism. We use the idiom 物尽其用 which means to make the best of it to describe how these farms in China are making the best of green energy farming to deliver multiple benefits. 农村农场主要位于偏远地区,无法获得现代清洁能源。 在本课中,我们将了解中国农村的农场如何利用可再生能源实现可持续高效农业,为当地需求发电,减少污染并推动旅游业发展。我们用物尽其用,这意味着要充分利用它来描述中国的这些农场如何充分利用绿色能源农业来实现多种效益。 農村農場主要位於偏遠地區,無法獲得現代清潔能源。在本課中,我們將了解中國農村的農場如何利用可再生能源實現可持續高效農業,為當地需求發電,減少污染並推動旅遊業發展。我們用物盡其用,這意味著要充分利用它來描述中國的這些農場如何充分利用綠色能源農業來實現多種效益。
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薄弱 bóruò weak
支撑 zhīchēng to prop up; to support; strut
生物质 shēngwùzhì biomass
资源 zīyuán natural resource (such as water or minerals)
lu:4sè néngyuán tuīdòng nóngcūn lu:4sè fāzhǎn
Green energy promotes rural green development.
Xīnhuáshè Hángzhōu Jiǔyuè sìrì diàn (jìzhě zhūhán )
Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, September 4th, by reporter Zhu Han
kōngtiáo kòngwēn 、zìdòng shícáo 、fēngjī tōngfēng ……zhège xiàtiān ,ZhèjiāngShěng Líshuǐshì kāngdá shēngtài yǎngzhíchǎng lǐ ,sān qiān tóu xiǎozhū guòshàng le qīngjié ānjìng de “zhìnéng shēnghuó ”。
Temperature control AC, automatic trough, fan ventilation... This summer, in an ecological farm in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, 3000 piglets in the farm experienced clean and quiet “smart living”.
yǐqián nóngcūn de diànlì shèshī bóruò ,nányǐ zhīchēng dàliàng de zhìnéng shèbèi 。
In the past, rural power facilities were weak and it was difficult to support a large number of smart devices.
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