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火冒三丈 Bloody Furious

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ID: 3033 Advanced
气得要命的时候,身边只有中国朋友,好想马上发泄一下又不知道该怎么说?快来听听今天的课吧!In this dialogue, a husband returns home from work in a terrible mood, having just had an argument with someone on the street. The wife tries to calm him by preparing some tea and putting on his favourite jazz.
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竟敢 jìnggǎn to have the cheek to
太岁 tàisuì the stars directly opposite Jupiter during its roughly 12-year orbital cycle; nickname for sb who is the most powerful in an area
动土 dòngtǔ to start construction
给…点颜色 gěi…diǎn yánsè to show someone what you're made of
qì sǐ wǒ le qì sǐ wǒ le ,zhēn shì qì zhà le !nà xiǎozi jìng gǎn gěi wǒ zài tàisuì tóu shàng dòngtǔ !bù gěi tā diǎnryánsè kàn kan tā dōu bù zhīdào wǒ de lìhai !
I'm so angry I'm about to blow a gasket! I can't believe that little upstart thinks he can stand toe to toe with me! Let's see if he still thinks so little of me when I show him what I'm made of!
āiyā !hèsǐ bǎobao le ,nǐ zhè shì zěnmele ya ?shéi 、shéi 、shéi yòu ràng nǐ shēngqì le ?
Ah! You're scaring this fragile soul. What's happened? Who is it? Who is it that has made you so mad?
hèng ,hái bù jiùshì nàge lùkǒu de xiǎo biēsān ,dòng bu dòng jiùyào hé wǒ táigàng ,shuō yīxiē yǒudeméide ,zhēn shì mòmíngqímiào !
Hmph, who would it be but the little street rat on the corner, finding an excuse to argue with me at every opportunity and talking nonsense. He really takes the biscuit!
hǎohǎohǎo ,qīn ài de nǐ xiāoxiao qì ,wǒmen bù gēn tā yībānjiànshi ā ,qì huài le shēntǐ kěbù zhídé 。
OK, OK, calm down, dear. We shouldn't stoop to his level and it's not worth getting yourself all wound up over.
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