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大观园 dàguānyuán Prospect Garden
曹雪芹 Cáo Xuěqín Cao Xueqin, reputed author of the "Dream of the Red Chamber" ("DRC")
封建社会 fēngjiàn shèhuì feudal society
大户人家 dàhù rénjiā large family
wā ,zhè jiùshì chuánshuō zhōng de dàguānyuán 。guòlai ,wǒ bāng nǐ pāi zhāng zhàopiàn 。
Wow, this is the legendary Prospect Garden. Come on over and I'll take your picture.
bù pāi bù pāi ,wǒmen xiān kàn ba 。Cáo Xuěqín zhēnshì shén le ,yī běn shū lǐ ,chī de 、yòng de 、zhù de dōu xiě de nàme jīngzhì ,zhè ge dàguānyuán jiùshì rénmen gēnjù shū lǐ de miáoxiě jiàn de 。
Let's not take pictures. Let's look around first. Cao Xueqin was just amazing. In a single book he wrote so exquisitely about things for eating, using and living in. This Prospect Garden was built according to his description in the book.
to be able to tā zhēnde shì fēngjiàn shèhuì dàhù rénjiā de shàoye ba !yàobu tā zénme huì zhīdào zhème duō ?
Maybe he really was a young scion of a powerful family in feudal society. Otherwise, how would he know so much?
yěxǔ ba 。āi ,zhème dà ,zhème piàoliang !wǒmen cóng nǎbiān zǒu ne ?
Maybe...Oh, it's so big, and so beautiful! Where should we start from?
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