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清谈 Love & Cupid

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ID: 4622 Upper Intermediate
The Chinese people's concept of love and relationship is a far cry from the ones in western society. In today's episode, we are going to introduce the unique Chinese values of relationships and even some tips for finding love!
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月老 yuèlǎo matchmaker; go-between
丘比特 Qiūbǐtè Cupid, son of Venus and Mars, Roman god of love and beauty
拜拜 bàibài worship (God)
真诚 zhēnchéng true; sincere; genuine
yuèlǎo jiù xiàng shì Zhōngguó bǎn de Qiūbǐtè 。
Moon God is like the Chinese version of Cupid.
bàibài a ,yīdìng yào dài zhe yī kē zhēnchéng de xīn ,zhèyàng yuèlǎo cái nénggòu tīngdào nǐ dehuà ,bāng nǐ qiān hóngxiàn 。
Most importantly, you must worship him with a sincere heart, so that the Moon God can hear what you say and help you get the red line.
xiāngqīn jiǎo ne ,jiùshì fùmǔ wèile zǐnu:3 xúnzhǎo bànlu:3 de yīzhǒng xiāngqīn fāngshì 。
Matchmaking corner is a way for parents to look for partners for their children.
bàoyìng de yìsi jiùshì dāng nǐ jīntiān zuò huàishì ,wèilái yǒu yìtiān yīdìng huì shòudào chéngfá 。yīnwèi Zhōngguó rén xiāngxìn yīnguǒ lúnhuí cái huì yǒu súhuàshuō de ,èyǒuèbào ,shànyǒushànbào 。
It means when you do something bad, you will be punished someday in the future because Chinese people believe in karma. There is a saying goes, what goes around comes around.
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