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清谈 Job Opportunities

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ID: 4568 Upper Intermediate
Today's Upper Intermediate Lesson is all about 清谈 Job Opportunities
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简历 jiǎnlì curriculum vitae (CV); résumé; biographical notes
筛选 shāixuǎn to filter
履历 lu:3lì background (academic and work); curriculum vitae; résumé
篇幅 piānfu length (of a piece of writing)
gōngsī lǐmiàn de tóngshì ,měitiān dōu yào kàn hěnduō fèn jiǎnlì ,cái nénggòu shāixuǎn chū zhēnzhèng xūyào de réncái 。
The employees need to go through many resumes every day to filter out the talents that are needed.
Zhōngguó lu:3lì de piānfu fēicháng cháng ,guówài de piānfu fēicháng duǎn 。
The length of a Chinese resume is very long, and in other countries they are short.
Yuè shì zhǎo bùdào gōngzuò de shíhou Yuè yào lèguān ,yīnwèi zhēnzhèng shìhé nǐ de gōngzuò ,wǎngwǎng shì zài nǐ zhǔnbèi hǎo de shíhou 。
It is especially important to be optimistic when we're having trouble having jobs. Because the jobs you're most suited for, always comes when you're fully prepared.
tā zài zhè jiā gōngsī chīkǔnàiláo xǔduō nián ,zhōngyú dédào jīntiān de chéngjì 。
He obtained his status after enduring hardship and working hard for many years.
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