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ID: 4222 Upper Intermediate
Summer is a great time for sports. This lesson takes you through a typical dialogue when signing up for a gym membership and some fitness goals! 夏天通常是大家健身热情高涨的时节,你喜欢健身吗?健身房词汇了解一下!
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健身房 jiànshēnfáng gym
合同 hétong (business) contract
手续 shǒuxù procedure
费用 fèiyòng cost; expenditure; expense
nǐhǎo ,wǒ hěn xǐhuan nǐmen de jiànshēnfáng ,wǒ xiǎng jiārù huìyuán 。
Hello I like your gymnasium a lot and I would like to become a member.
wǒmen de jiànshēnfáng kěyǐ xuǎnzé qiān bànnián 、yī nián huòzhě liǎng nián de hétong 。qiān liǎng nián de yuè fèi zuì piányi nín xiǎng qiān duōjiǔ ne ?
Our gymnasium offers half, one year or two years contract. The monthly fee for a two years contract is the most economical. Which one would you like?
wǒ xiān qiān bànnián ba 。
I’ll sign up for the half year first.
hǎo de 。qiān bànnián de yuè fèi shì yuán ,bàn kǎ shǒuxù fèi shì yuán 。nín kěyǐ xuǎnzé měigè yuè fù yuán huòshì yīcìxìng fùqīng bànnián fèiyòng ,yǒu shé yōuhuì 。
Ok. The monthly fee for half a year is 800 yuan, and the card handling fee is 50 yuan. You can choose to pay 800 yuan per month or get a 10% off when you pay the half-year fee in a lump sum.
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