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淡出 dànchū to fade out (cinema); to withdraw from (politics, acting etc); to fade from (memory)
难料 nánliào uncertain; hard to predict
招致 zhāozhì to recruit (followers); to scout for (talent etc); to incur
批评 pīpíng to criticize; criticism
Rìběn bǔjīngchuán duì Rì cóng duō zuò gǎngkǒu qǐháng shígé nián chóngxīnqǐdòng shāngyè bǔjīng 。
The Japanese whaling fleet set sail from several ports on the 1st to restart the business of commercial whaling after a lapse of 31 years.
zhǐshì ,zài jīng ròu zhúbù dànchū Rìběn mínzhòng cānzhuō de bèijǐng xià ,yèzhě rènwéi shāngyè bǔjīng qiánjǐng nánliào ,Rìběn méitǐ yōulu:4 zhāozhì fǎnduì bǔjīng de guójiā gèng duō pīpíng 。
However, as Japanese consume less whale meat, the industry believes the future of commercial whaling is uncertain and may trigger criticism from countries who object commercial whaling.
yuè rì zài Yīngguó Lúndūn ,rénmen zài tǎqiáo nèibù cānguān 。
On June 30 in London, England, people visited the Tower Bridge.
dāngrì ,Yīngguó de biāozhìxìng jiànzhù zhīyī ——Lúndūn tǎqiáo yínglái zhōusuì shēngrì 。
On that day, one of UK's landmarks, the Tower Bridge, celebrated its 125th birthday.
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