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义体人 yìtǐrén cyborg
贯穿 guànchuān run through
衍生 yǎnshēng derive
膨胀 péngzhàng inflation
老板,你好!有 《 Ghost in the Shell 》 的DVD吗?是一部日本动漫。
lǎobǎn ,nǐhǎo !yǒu 《 Ghost in the Shell 》 de DVD ma ?shì yī bù Rìběn dòngmàn 。
Hello, sir. Do you have the DVD of ``Ghost in the Shell"? It's a manga.
shuō Zhōngwén míngzi 。
Tell me the Chinese name.
Zhōngwén míngzi wǒ shuō bu shànglái 。yàobù wǒ gěi nǐ shuō shuo qíngjié 。ng4 ......fǎnzhèng lǐmiàn de nǚ zhǔjué jiào Sùzǐ ,liǎndàn tǐng piàoliang de ,shì wèilái jīdòng jǐngchá duì de duìzhǎng 。tā shì yìtǐrén ......
I can't quite tell you the Chinese name. How about I tell you about the plot. Uh, well, anyway, the female star is called Major Kusanagi. She has a beautiful face and a hot body. She's the head of a team of robot police in the future. She's a cyborg...
dǎzhù dǎzhù ,xiōngdì ,zhèyàng shuō wǒ bāngbuliǎo nǐ 。Rìběn dòngmàn bù dōu shì zhèyàng de rén dāng zhǔjué ma ?
Hold on, hold on! Buddy, if you just say that, I can't help you. Don't all Japanese mangas have that kind of main character?
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