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无条件的爱Unconditional Love

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ID: 4103 Upper Intermediate
In this upper-intermediate lesson, our topic is early childhood parenting. This is a great opportunity for you to practice your listening as you hear this mom's personal story.
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解释 jiěshì explanation; to explain; to interpret
问题 wèntí question; problem; issue
故事 gùshi narrative; story; tale
语气 yǔqì tone; manner of speaking; mood
kě bù kěyǐ jiěshì yīxià shénme shì wútiáojiàndeài ?
Could you please explain what is unconditional love?
zhèshì yīgē fēicháng hǎo de wèntí 。ràng wǒ xiǎng yī xiǎng zěnmeyàng huídá cái shì zuìhǎo de 。
This is an excellent question. Let me think about a good answer.
wǒ xiǎng qilai wǒ zài shàng zhèngmiàn guǎnjiào kèchéng shí lǎoshī jiǎng guò de yīgē gùshi 。
I remember a story that my teacher told me when I was in the course of a positive discipline.
māma yòngjìn le gèzhǒnggèyàng de bànfǎ dōu méiyǒu bànfǎ shuōfú tā 。
Mom tried different ways to convince him, however, nothing worked out.
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