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ID: 4426 Upper Intermediate
This is an interview between 2 upper intermediate hosts - Peony and Diana on their involvement with Chinesepod in 2019 and their plans for the new year holidays. There is no centerpiece for this lesson. 2019年已经临近尾声,每到年末,我们总是想要回顾即将过去的一年,做个“年终总结”。过去一年的轨迹真的非常丰富多彩:我们一起学习的课程涉及很多方面,有关于美食、生活习惯,还有新闻、古诗词等等。我们由衷感谢大家一年来的陪伴! 明年也一起学习中文吧!
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回顾 huígù to look back
初衷 chūzhōng original intention or aspiration
回首 huíshǒu to turn around; to look back; to recollect
展望 zhǎnwàng outlook; prospect; to look ahead
Shèngdànjié yǒu shénme ānpái huòzhě lǚxíng jìhuà ?
What are your arrangements or travel plans for Christmas?
nián hěn kuài jiùyào guòqù le ,bùrú wǒmen lái huígù yīxià zhè yī nián lái zuòwéi zhǔbō de gǎnshòu ba !
2019 will soon be over so let's review the experience of being an anchor this year!
yīkāishǐ xiǎngyào zuò yīgē zhǔbō de chūzhōng shì shénme ne ?
What was your original intention of becoming a host at the beginning?
zài gēn tīngzhòng jiāoliú de tóngshí ,wǒmen yě gèngjiā shēnkè de liǎojiě le wǒmen zìjǐ de wénhuà 。
While communicating with the audience, we also have a deeper understanding of our own culture.
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