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抗击疫情 温暖同行

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ID: 4317 Upper Intermediate
新冠肺炎大大影响了我们的生活,不管是出国旅游,去外面吃饭,还是去商场购物,都跟以前不一样了。在这集课程里,我们会介绍一些跟病毒,防疫措施有关的生词,我们快来听听吧! P.S. For the dialogue in this lesson, we uploaded the version without sound effects or background music, please let us know if it's less distracting.
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封城 fēngchéng lock down
确诊 quèzhěn confirmed cases
防疫 fángyì disease prevention
保持 bǎochí to keep; to maintain
qīnàide ,lǐngdǎo yào wǒ hòutiān qù yī tàng chéng lǐ 。
Hey darling, my boss wants me to head to the city the day after tomorrow.
wǒmen zhèr5 suīrán méi fēngchéng ,dànshì xiànzài háishi hěn wēixiǎn ,nǐ yīdìng děi qù ma ?
Although our city is not on lockdown, it is still quite dangerous, do you really have to go?
yàobushì yīnwèi gōngzuò ,wǒ yě bùxiǎng qù quèzhěn rénshù zhème duō de dìfang 。
If it weren't for work, I wouldn't want to go to a place with so many confirmed cases either.
hǎo ba ,nà nǐ qiānwàn yào xiǎoxīn 。fángyì gōngzuò yīdìng děi zuò hǎo ,zhīdào ma ?
Alright, you really have to be careful. Make sure to take all the preventive measures, okay?
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