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唉声叹气 āishēngtànqì to moan and groan
刺激 cìjī irritation
投资移民 tóuzī yímín investment immigration
回报 huíbào to give back
nǐ zěnmele ?yī huílai jiù zuò zài shāfā shàng āishēngtànqì ?
What's wrong? You just got home and you're already on the couch moaning and groaning?
āi ,yǒuqián jiùshì hǎo !
Agh, it's nice to have money!
nǐ yòu zài nǎr shòu cìjī le ?shìbushì yòu kàn shang le shénme míngpái de xiézi bāobāo ?wǒ gěi nǐ mǎi 。
What happened that got you upset? Did you see another pair of name-brand shoes or a bag that you like? I'll buy it for you.
āiyā ,bùshì 。jīntiān lǎobǎn ràng wǒ bāng tā dǎting yīxià tóuzī yímín de shìr 。tā xiǎng guò jǐnián sòng háizi dào guówài shàng gāozhōng 。
Argh, no. Today my boss had me ask about investment immigration. He wants to send his kids to high school abroad in a few years.
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