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风水宝地 fēngshuǐbǎodì a place with excellent feng shui
安装盘 ānzhuāngpán installation disc
时鲜货 shíxiānhuò hot commodity
改行 gǎiháng to change one's occupation
Dōngzi ,kuài ná hǎo huò ,wǎn le kě qiǎngbudào fēngshuǐbǎodì le 。
Dongzi, hurry up and grab the goods. If we're late, we won't be able to land a good spot.
bié jí ,ràng wǒ zài duō ná jǐ tào WIN qī de ānzhuāngpán ,zhèzhǒng shíxiānhuò mài de kě kuài le 。ài ,wǒ zuìjìn fāxiàn ,zánmen zhè tiáo jiē shang mài pán de yuèláiyuè duō le 。
Slow down. Let me get some more Windows 7 installation discs. This kind of hot commodity sells fast. Hey, I've started noticing recently that there are more and more people on our street selling these things.
kěbùshì ,zánmen xiǎng xiang fǎzi gǎiháng ba 。
Ain't that the truth. Let's think of some scheme and get out of this business.
yào zuò jiù zuò dà ,yàobu qù zhǎo ge ménmiàn ,gùdìng xiàlai ?
If you're gonna do it, you may as well do it right. How about we set up a shop? Go legit?
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