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成长: Hope and Despair

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ID: 3015 Advanced
生活中遇到挫折时,就会觉得所有事都不顺,但是俗话说“越挫越勇”,生命的低潮往往带来成长,最要紧的是“想通”。这一课我们透过两个人的谈话,将要进一步认识中国人用来转念的一些常见谚语及其中包含的传统智慧。 Today's lesson is about feeling down. Nothing is going your way and you feel like you're in a rut. Listen as two friends discuss the positives and negatives about growing older. Image from Pixabay
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愁眉苦脸 chóuméi kǔliǎn to have a miserable expression
低落 dīluò low (of spirits)
黄历 huánglì Chinese divination almanac
诸事不顺 zhūshì bù shùn nothing going right
zěnmele ,zhèliǎngtiān kàn nǐ yī fù chóuméikǔliǎn de yàngzi ,qíngxù nàme dīluò ,chū shénme shì le ma ?
What's wrong? You've been looking miserable for the past couple of days. Why are you in such low spirits? Did something happen?
zhè jǐ tiān chūmén méi kàn “huánglì ”,zhūshì bù shùn 。zài jiāshang ,fùchū zǒngshì débudào huíbào ,xīnli hěn biēqū ,bù zhīdào zhěngtiān máng de dōu shì wèile shénme 。
Over the last few days I haven't looked at the Chinese divination almanac before leaving the house, and nothing has gone my way. I also feel like I'm not get anything back for what I do for others, so I feel quite hard done by, and I don't know what I'm spending all this time busying myself for.
shēnghuó shīyì zàisuǒ nánmiǎn ya ,bùwàng chūxīn jiù xíng le ,hébì zàihu yīshí de déshī 。
Disappointments are unavoidable in life, just don't forget your original intention. Why get caught up temporary successes or failures.
shuō de dào easy ,nà shì nǐ yī lù shùnsuì ,kàn nǐ měitiān zhuàng gǒushǐ yùn shìshi 。āiyā ,wǒ hǎo xiǎng huí dào guòqù ,huí dào méiyǒu fánnǎo de xuésheng shídài ā 。
You say it so lightly. That's because everything has gone so well for you, I'd like to chance it with some dumb luck every day like you. Ah, I'd love to return to the past, to my student days when I had no troubles.
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